The Chimes restaurant on Highland Road near the LSU campus is an existing structure that has gone through a number of renovations and additions throughout its life. In 2016 that trend continued. The owners of the building wished to add additional dining space, a bar, and a penthouse with restrooms and service areas to the existing roof structure. Our scope of work was the full structural design of the project, including foundations and framing. Our firm also provided extensive assistance during construction to identify and resolve emergent issues as they were uncovered during demolition of existing components. Architectural features included three new stair structures and an elevator for circulation, a heavy timber framed architectural roof structure, an extension of the existing multi-wythe masonry walls on the first floor for the main stair roof opening, and a series of access floor systems to form the new rooftop surface. In order to accommodate the new occupancy live loads applied to the roof we provided designs for the reinforcement of the roof structure including extensive bracing and stiffening of the existing site built and pre-fab roof trusses.

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